The Driver Radio Show - Volume 25

Published on the 31st of October 2021

Basedriver delivers a deliciously fresh mix of demonstrably deep cerebral hip-hop and trip-hop.

Originally broadcast on Liskeard Radio on October 24th 2021

DJs: Basedriver

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Recorded, Edited, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: L.Paine


01:> Taiyo Ky Feat. Phoebe Lee - Keikyu Beat
02:> 7ev Statik - Keep An Eye Out
03:> Crown City Rockers - Another Day (Thes One RMX)
04:> Dom and Von Feat. Kooley High - So Good
05:> Kid Abstrakt and The Deli Feat. DJ Million Faces - Daydreaming
06:> Thee Infinite - Keep Ya Mind Sharp
07:> L'Orange and Namir Blade - Imaginary Everything
08:> Agents Of Change - Affirmations
09:> 97 Special and Shogonodo - Nippori Station
10:> Battahshit - Kaiten
11:> Yugen Blakrok - Carbon Form
12:> Less Is More Feat. Holly Afoa - Waste My Time
13:> 97 Special - Stay
14:> HMO Feat. Mary Gee - Fake
15:> Von Pea - Doorbell
16:> Sheknock Poems - Cali Killed My Vibe
17:> Brockbeats - Nani
18:> D2x Feat. Ro Marsalis - Adult Swim
19:> Jazz Spastiks Feat. Artifacts - By All Means
20:> Justo The MC and The Lost Info - Epiphany The Lost Project

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